CBD Trading Group - is this an Echo spinoff?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Copernicus, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Never heard of them. Looks like a brand new firm? At least they're with Merill for short stock availability. Anyone used Merrill's trading platform?
  2. anybody? they have offices throughout the country, so they cant be brand new..
  3. Actually, they can be new. The Rector St office in NYC is just part of the MErrill branch. You start a prop firm, go through Merrill and just ask them if they have any space for traders. Then you call that your office.
    I don't know anything about this firm , just pointing out that b/c they have multi offices doesn't mean they've been around long.
  4. To be a prop firm that clears Merril and gets serviced by them, a firm needs to be a Broker Dealer as well as meet certain net worth qualifications. Merril will not deal with an LLC that is not a broker dealer. You can PM me if you have questions.
  5. This is Centurion outta Philly, right?
  6. cbdtradingroup has a jbo thru Merrill pro which by definition has to have at least $1M of their own $ correct? unlike sub llcs or "overrides" firms that basically act as marketers/outsourced help desk for a BD w.o neccesarily proving capital. Any comments?
  7. does anyone know anything about them? legit shop?

    who r the principals? r they adequetly funded?

    can't get any info online....

    friend of mine mentioned the NY office.

  8. heavy


    Website looks dead... are they still around?
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