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  1. Any taking any form of CBD ?



    I have friends that swear by it for sleep regulation all the way to pain from cancer.

    Tell me your stories
  2. I do not take it, but one of my younger brothers, age 65, takes it for some mild arthritis pain and tells me it works really well. Have another friend, age 50, who uses it for knee pain and swears by it. Personally I have heard of no cons, only pros.
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    I've tried it before and a lot of people I know have either tried it or are currently using it. The results seem to be all over the map honestly. My wife tried it to help her get to sleep but for her it didn't help at all. Now her aunt tried it and says she sleeps like a baby on it. I didn't notice much of anything but I don't have a lot of pain or a major problem getting to sleep so it's not something I would pay for on an ongoing basis.

    You should try it and see how it works for your body and report back what you experienced.

  5. Day 4 and it definitely chills me out. I've always been a night owl that has trouble shutting my brain off and if I take a higher dose it puts me to sleep within an hour. As a side effect it also seems to drop my blood pressure 10 points after about an
    hour of taking it. Tinkering with lower doses now to see if there is a benefit without putting me to sleep.
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