Cayman Island Real Estate

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  1. Going to be looking at some Cayman Island real estate on Seven Mile Beach.

    Any trading groups there currently? Lot of hedgies setup shop there.

    Any native brokerage setups ...firms.

  2. the ritz carlton is nice.

  3. yeah, was also looking at Turks n Caicos... its the up and coming 'Cayman'..

    Love the architecture of most of the buildings on the strip, very polished.

  4. not been to turks--but have spent lots of time in cayman.

    still lots of good RE opps there and willing to deal developers. i still get free stuff and incentives to visit the ritz almost monthly.

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    Turks and Caicos is lame - went there on my honeymoon. There is no nighlife and the place is relaively uninhabited. Infrastructure is unreliable and third-world. Beaches are nice, but they aren't that nice.

    You do have the no income tax thing working for you, though.

  6. no clue, sorry.

  7. its a developers dream at the moment, agree its less lively..but infrastructure and development will follow, only so much quality beachfront property in a regulated british commonwealth zone.
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    I've been to Cayman many times on vacation. I always stay at the Villas of the Galleon right next to the Ritz. It's 1 and 2 bedroom privately owned condos that are rented on a daily/weekly basis.

    Last time I was there (4 years ago) a 2 bedroom was going for about $250 - $275 (summer rates, much more in winter) a day. Now probably more. I think they would be an excellent investment.

    The link above is just an example. You figure if you can keep your monthly mortgage to 2-3 grand a month, you would only need to have it rented out about 10-15 days a month, on average, to cover or even profit. And believe me, that should be no problem as they have an excellent management company on site and the place is in high demand most of the year. Hell I've had trouble getting a 2br for a week in the summer, which is slow season.

    Anyway, that is my goal one day, buy a 2br there, rent it out 8-9 months a year and use it the other 3-4 months.

    Of course, I need to be a consistent trader first. :D
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