Caxton Hedge Fund In Trouble??

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    rumours all over the place about these guys.

    their name is being banded about all the time since yesterday.

    cnbc all but said it name on the close but faber did not have the bollocks to mention it. he just said ' large us hedge fund'.

    they have managed to get caught on us stock SEPR

    they are heavily long this stock.

    its down about 25% from last week.

    all this is not confirmed but i aint waiting for any confirmations i would rather punt the rumour.

    this could be another situation where the fund is healthy and denies any exposure and the nexy day their worthless.
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    a single position shall caxton into bancruptcy? caxton????
  3. $16bln hedge fund in trouble over a $3bln market cap stock? Somehow I remain skeptical.
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    the link above sounds like CCC-rating in terms of credibility ...
  5. leveraged up to the eyeballs.

    have probably got the carry trade on.

    got subprime exposure but dont know.

    i think the problem is perception here.

    a few funds and companies have a lost hundreds of millions if not a few billion.

    the possibility that a fund could lose $50/60 /70 billion is sheer make believe.

    'the titanic is too big to sink'
  6. Sorry, but this is baseless speculation. "Have the carry trade on"... isn't that a little too simplistic?
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    the source sounded like hearsay in the first place. no journalism
    or insider know how behind this IMO.
  8. republicans are having a rough time winning at ANYTHING these days.
  9. Sorry but simply will not happen not from what you have said
  10. not really,

    as they are a very large fund its an absolute given that they do.

    virtually every hedge fund has the carry trade on.

    its a very easy trade to leverage and profit on.

    you actually think they are a market neutral fund and arbitrage minute differences in the market to make small proftis.

    they are punting their arses off same as the others.

    by the way click on this link.

    another one gone as we speak.

    not speculation just facts.
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