Caxton Associates Emerges as Largest Fund in the World

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    "Caxton Associates Emerges as Largest Fund in the World
    posted on Monday 2 Jun 2003 01:19 PDT

    Caxton Associates, run by Bruce Kovner, emerged as the biggest fund in the world with assets of $10.5 billion, according to a survey by Absolute Return published by HedgeFund Intelligence. Andor Capital Management moved into second place with $9.0 billion. One of the principal findings in the Absolute Return survey is the scale of the investor flight from the big US equity shops. Many of the largest equity managers have seen sharp asset falls following a period of poor returns. According to the survey the industry is still in a very fluid state with clear winners and losers and huge swings in assets."

    Bruce Kovner is still a Market Wizard after all these years. He's DA MAN!
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    Caxton, Renaissance Boost Management and Performance Fees
    posted on Thursday 21 Nov 2002 01:17 PST

    Bloomberg reports Caxton Corp. and Renaissance Technologies Corp., two of the world's largest and top-performing hedge fund companies, are increasing the fees they charge as demand for established managers increases. Caxton is raising management fees for its flagship fund to 3 percent from 2 percent and the performance fee by 5 percentage points to 30 percent. Renaissance also plans to boost performance fees for its Medallion fund to 44 percent from 36 percent. The Medallion fund will also be returning money to investors in order to be able to maintain positive returns.