Cavs beat Lakers???????

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  1. ..................FIX!

    I put this on here once, but sports is a sacred cow and no one will talk about it. Sports is the one thing most people have in an otherwise dreary life.

    No. One. Will. Talk. About. It.
  3. Remember the 2002 Western Conference Finals? If was the year the Lakers would be dethroned and everybody knew it. It was horrible. I stopped watching basketball that year. It is ashamed that an NBA ref had to be caught for the truth of what every knowledgable basketball fan could see for themselves.

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  5. Those are the first two of a good nine part documentary made by a former NBA fan.
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  7. Does that guy also wear a tin foil hat to protect against his brain waves being read?

    I believe a good portion of what he says, but he doesn't present it very well.

    I am surprised he didnt mention how the cavs magically got lebron.
  8. Watched the videos. Don't know where to begin. I think Bibby
    fouled Kobe and it wasn't charging on Kobe unless, like an O lineman you can hold out an arm and its legal to use it to block with. It looks to me like he tackled him. Didn't get enough specific footage on calls to judge and can only go on what the videos allege here. Its always been my
    view that the Celtics should be called for fouling on every play and play the cheapest ball of all sports. Has anybody ever flopped like Pierce flops? Rondo and the rest of them are taught to body up and use their trunks like an arm to move the ball handler constantly bumping them. Sure everybody does it but not like the Celtics. Back in the Ainge, DJ, Chief, Bird and McHale days nobody, esp. their fans, whined more about getting called on obvious fouls ...I hated them back then. And Riley spoke of how the Celtics would shut off the air conditioning in the opponents locker room ...that finished it for me, I was a forever hater of the Celtics. I realize I digress from the topic of fixes and I fall in line with the side that believes yea fixes happen. Problem is, now what. Using the term Fixers to stand in for the desperate to win at any cost I'll submit that its the retaliators who get caught. So we get to don't retaliate as its plain NFL players are seen "sometimes" to do. 15 yards is alot. The forces of evil have even got the forces of good on their heels by giving the allegators
    a name ...Conspiracy theorists aka nut jobs. Now if you see from 10 moves down that recourse has less chance at success that only encourages the Fixers. In the video Stern walks between the raindrops like a mafia dons defense att. The grey area is where the rest of the world recognizes that this Freedom we talk about here is the first line of defense for how our gangsters do business. Organized crime has evolved to become institutionalized crime and its even gotten to where its advocated to just go along with the program and benefit from it to the extent that you're on the inside. Was it a foul or wasn't it? Prove it was or wasn't. Prove theres a pattern of corruption or just go away back into the jar with the rest of the hornets. The jar we call internet forums that keep us from going Egyptian on
    the Fixers anytime soon. Innocent until proven guilty, who does that serve?
  9. That the cavs got LeBron doesn't hold up to the same conspiracy possibilies as the Knicks getting Ewing. The cavs aren't a media favored market and the cavs finding themselves with first pick isn't unusual either. That LeBron was a native from a few miles down I-71 might contribute to any examination but thats where
    the allegation should start, if there is one.
  10. If I am not mistaking, the ball draft was done in private and the cavs magically got the 1st pick. In terms of media market, cavs basketball is ohio and western pa. Pretty big market right there.

    Yes the knicks getting ewing is up there as well.
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