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  1. Surf alert, surf alert, our in depth esoteric analysis....just kidding.

    Actually, does the risk reward really favor longs going into the heart of earnings season?

    Initially, probably yes. However, we could turn on a dime at these levels.

  2. Interesting. I get a lot from your posts and charts - keep them coming!

  3. Albert


    listed on Friday as 0.35! That is about as complacent as it gets. There is a marked divergence between the index ratio and the equity only ratio. Seems that there are alot of folks out there hedging their bets with the indices to cover their backside on their portfolios.
  4. Rogue, Love your analysis! If you only knew how involved I have been with almost every chart you posted. ELN for one came up on my scans as a long at 5.90 and the next thing I know you have the chart posted. BTW, I am out....handsomely :D

    One question about, if you subscribe are the charts in realtime? I use the site everyday to scan for certain candlestick patterns and would subscribe for sure if I knew they offered more to a paying user.

    Keep em coming!

  5. you will probably NEVER hear this from me again, BUT, i agree with rouge's TA work on this one. the DJIA stopped 3 points shy of our short stop out point of 10603 friday and we are currently LONG the nasdaq with tight stops. see surf report for additional thoughts this evening.


    surfer :)