Caution, Watch Out Muni Bonds !

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    the next domino to fall will be muni bonds. these cities and towns will be losing out on alot of revenue from R.E. taxes. , because of defaults.

  2. i agree with that. very astute of you to point that out. very true thiugh.,
  3. The muni bond guarantors are also in severe straits.
  4. Any chance some municipalities will default on these debt instruments?
    Or just tax us 100% ?
  5. dollar devaluation is the path of least resistance. rich get richer, the destruction is difficult for ordinary people to understand, politicians don't have to make a stand, keep printing spending and promising, etc

    i'd expect the left/right political establishment to play that card to the point of destruction. it's just too large a problem for any mainstream politician to take a stand on. presumably it will change when the damage is literally in-our-faces-unignorable and the majority literally can't afford to continue

    politicians might prolong monetary dilution with synthetic war and fear. seems almost too textbook to be true, but also seems to be the path we're all on. i hate to be so simplistic, but i believe it is that simple

    default seems less likely than bailouts. i'd be impressed if it went the other way
  6. sherlock holmes????
  7. that paper has already been discounted...yikes
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    What about government bonds? Will they be next?
  9. Government bonds will NEVER default!

    The gov't owes these bondholders <b>dollars</b>, not <b>money</b>. The printing presses will still work just fine, no matter how weak the economy & dollar become.

    I made a post last year that many of you didn't really understand. I think it'll be far better appreciated this time around:

    From the thread: "What is a Dollar?"
  10. lol i know i know. not exactly world class sleuthing and yet it still feels like it needs to be said. maybe there's a more constructive place to discuss it than with professional market watchers and skilled cynics
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