cause of market price?

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    i'm still a rookie at trading and i need some help...

    1. does selling short a futures contract actually CAUSE the market price to go down?

    2. and in regards to international index futures that close for half of the day and reopen at a certain time... if there were no orders placed right before that futures market opened for the day, should the opening price move?
    I ask this because at times when one of the index futures moved the whole barely making any range...after that market closes and the US market opens and happens to make a giant move either up or down....the next time that international index futures market opens...there is a wide gap. Try to figure out how to get a price within the gap.

    3. Is china going to have a index futures contract?
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    1) sure. if the market was quoted 10/12 with 1 lot a side and you sold the contract at 10 then the bid would go lower.

    2)the person taking the other side of trades is not going to give thngs away. you need a counter party to your trades.

    3) there are
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    1. okay i understand

    2. maybe i didn't make myself clear....what I was asking was, before an international futures index opens....sometimes there is a huge gap. Is there a way to know where that gap during the time that futures market is closed and even better yet, is there any way I can get that gap price at the open?

    3. what is the symbol for the china futures index?