Cattle Futures -- Locked LimitDown

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by limitdown, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. wow,

    is this a curtain call?
  2. Funny Huh..

    And they kept talking about fear of Mad Cow this morning and last night..
  3. put 'em out of business and lower health care costs! :-/
  4. maxpi


    Cheap beef for Americans!! Stock up.
  5. sure picked a good moniker....

    kinda appropriate, if I may say so myself
  6. chessman

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    oh boy, they are saying cattle futures would be locked limit down for the rest of the year. Imagine being long !

    Just when all the hedge funds were starting to trade commodities !
  7. Gotta love it -- rep. of the Cattleman's Assoc. attempting damage control in stating that Mad Cow isn't in muscle, only brain and CNS -- how comforting!

    I'd imagine we'll be limit-down until the CME expands the limits.


  8. yes, it could be devastating to the longs--far beyond blowing out your account. when a commodity is locked-- one can lose far more than just the account amount-- i have heard of guys with 3500.00 accounts being on the hook for 250k after an adverse lock move--- and you can't get out of it.


  9. what a lousy x-mas present :-/

  10. yeah, for sure.
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