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Discussion in 'Journals' started by bobcathy1, Dec 3, 2002.

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  2. Nice, thank you, look forward to it. Good luck!

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    This morning I had two nice short trades. And one busted trade.
    The secret is going only in the direction of the 13 minute trend.
    and hanging on for dear life until they cross again.
    One made 3 pts
    One lost 1 pt
    the other made 5 pts

    I tried to put in the chart, but it was too big. Can anyone help me with this problem?
  4. So basicly you just look at whether the 13 minute chart is pointing up or down, and then trade 5-15ma crosses on the one minute chart in the direction of the trade (short if 13 minute chart pointing down, long if vice versa)?
  5. usually renaming it to a "gif " file helps. or a JPG , try it out and see which is best.:D
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    Yes, that is basically it.
    I overlay the 13 minute moving averages on the chart so I do not lose concentration so easily.
    And I have a tendency to only trade in the morning 9-12.
    And I only use it for ES. But I am sure it would work for other ETFs and Futures.
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    It does not seem to work. It is a picture so it is a bitmap?
  8. If it's a bitmap, thats why it's not posting.

    If you have on Start, then to Accessories, then to "Paint" it there, you can add lines and text if you like....then when you are saving it, save it as a "JPG".....
    it should work then.
  9. Is trading in the afternoon harder or worse for any reason?

    There are some obvious reasons to trade in the morning (say if you want to trade the first 30 min bar breakout or if you trade mechanical systems-then you cannot choose), but is the afternoon time somehow inferior for your system?
  10. Best to save bitmaps (.bmp) to Gif files (.gif) instead of as .jpg because going from a .bmp to a .jpg...your going to get some color distortions or blurriness.

    Use a free tool like SnagIt at or use a free tool by Xnview at

    With the above you can save your image for uploading as anything you want...eliminating that whole process of using Windows Paint program.

    Once you start using the easy programs'll only take you less than a minute to post a chart.

    You can even use TechSmith Camtasia LiveScreen Recorder and record every thing on your screen for review at a later date...

    excellent tool for serious traders.

    I use it a lot myself.

    In fact...sometimes a trading pal may want a screen shot of what I saw.

    Then...instead of sending still images like .gif files...I'll send him/her a recording of the actual trade signal as it unfolded...from start to finish.

    At worst...its something to play with when bored :)

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