catholic iphone app.

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  1. so, the catholics have an iphone app now. i doubt there are any questions about priests raping little boys but there is this question:

    "Have I used any method of artificial birth control in my marriage?"
    users can check a box next to each sin committed.

    From The Detroit News:

    so if you are a family who has all the children you can afford and do not want any more so you take precautions you are reminded that you are commiting a sin and subject to eternal damnation.
  2. Good information to know, dont you think? Think of it like a radar detector....if you are barely making ends meet and you dont want to pay a $500 fine for speeding, a radar detector is a pretty good idea, right?
  3. You have to wonder how many former alter boys still jump when their cell phone rings on vibrate. You would think that fear should be Catholic app enough.
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    perhaps you need to forgive someone of something.
  5. you mean like a catholic priest raping me? nope only been in a catholic church a couple of times in my whole life. one wedding and a funeral.
    we do have quite a few cases of priest rape here. we are in a rural area and when the higher ups where covering up rapes of little children by priests they sent more than our share of rapists to the smaller churches here.
    one has to wonder why a so called loving god would allow the pope to send criminal priests to unsuspecting churches to continue their crimes. you would think that an omnipotent god could arrange a car wreck or something. the only explaination i can come up with is maybe he enjoyed watching the rape show. what do you think the reason is?
  6. It also raises question to the silly notion that morality could not exist without religion. That's an oft-cited nugget of the god brigade.
  7. anyone who has ever read the bible knows there is not much good morality in there. amazingly the morality portrayed in the bible is exactly the same as the morality practiced at the time the bible books were written. murder was condoned and women were property just like their sheep.
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    I certainly think morality can exist without religion. To me the question is in the absence of God/heaven/hell why bother being moral? If there is no real reward or punishment for how you live you life. Might as well conquer, murder, rape and pillage to your hearts content.
  9. How do you know your read of whichever version of whatever Bible would actually represent the true ideas and teaching of Jesus and Moses?

    I'm neither defending nor attacking any particular version of any particular Bible, but it does appear that at least you took what you had read quite literally...and who is to blame for that?

    If there is a gap between the concept of a loving all powerful God, and Biblical interpretations...don't you think it is highly possible that the gap has to do more with the political ambitions of men, and less with the concept of an all loving all powerful God?

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