catholic church silent on murder and torture but for birth control you are excommunic

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  1. catholic church is silent on murder and torture but for birth control support you are excommunicated.

    The Moral Scandal Of Rick Santorum And "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" Ctd
    Like you, I have serious misgivings about a "moral" candidate for the presidency (i.e. Santorum) defending torture techniques. From the official Catechism of the Catholic Church (2297): "Torture which uses physical or moral violence to extract confessions, punish the guilty, frighten opponents, or satisfy hatred is contrary to respect for the person and for human dignity." What I can't figure out is, why hasn't a bishop come out publicly to deny Santorum communion? When John Kerry was running for president, no less than future pope Ratzinger stated that Kerry should be denied communion, which he ultimately was. Where is Ratzinger now? Where is Raymond Burke? Sean O'Malley?

    Rick Santorum (and Gingrich, too) hold many more stances that directly violate the Catechism than Kerry did. Why do you think they've been silent on the two death penalty-endorsing, torture-praising, social welfare-cutting Catholics who could potentially be our next president?

    The same can be said, and was, of pro-torture Catholics Rudy Giuliani and Marc Thiessen. And the answer, alas, is that the current Vatican has lost the forest for the trees. It obsesses about complicity with contraception - and plans a p.r. campaign months ahead of time - and yet cannot condemn an avowed Catholic defending torture and pre-emptive warfare - two moral enormities next to which the pill seems trivial. Another reader writes:

  2. Why don't you pick on Islam?
  3. Brass


    For the moment, because no one pushing it is trying to be the president? When people wish to push it into secular life, no religion is sacred. As with any other intoxicant, it should be kept indoors, and ideally out of the reach of children and other impressionable minds.
  4. And more how religion mix with the politics is stupid.


    "The selection of a Republican candidate for the presidency of this globalized and expansive empire is – and I mean this seriously – the greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever been," said the retired Cuban leader, who has dueled with 11 U.S. administrations since his 1959 revolution."


    "And at another moment of Monday's debate, Romney and Gingrich sparred over whether Castro's soul would go to heaven or hell.

    When asked what he would do as president if he found out Castro had died, Romney said he would first "thank Heavens" that the bearded revolutionary had finally "returned to his maker," to which Gingrich replied "I don't think Fidel's going to meet his maker. I think he's going to go to the other place."