catholic church: republican policies are immoral.

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  1. Catholic Bishops Say Ryan Budget Fails Moral Test
    WASHINGTON (RNS) A week after House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan claimed his Catholic faith inspired the Republicans' cost-cutting budget plan, the nation's Catholic bishops reiterated their demand that the federal budget protect the poor, and said the GOP measure "fails to meet these moral criteria."
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    Okay, that was worth reading. :D
  3. Do you agree with the Bishops?
    Their moral basis is the word of the Lord.

    if you support the Bishops then you need to support their intellectual basis that purpose of helping the poor is to find everlasting life with the Lord.
  4. i dont agree with much they say but it is interesting to document how the republican party,the self proclaimed party of jesus, is so opposite what he stood for.
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    I wonder what Jesus would say to the Democrat's stance on abortion and gay marriage?
  6. the bible defines a fetus as a person when it breaths air. not at conception.
    in addition the bible uses abortion as a punishment so i would assume jesus would follow bible tenents.
  7. I wonder what Jesus would say about priests raping children and the church covering it up for decades?
    Plenty of shit in everyones game. When it comes to judgement the church has lost all cred.
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  9. i thought you were a bible expert?
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    I agree, when it comes to man's justification by his own deeds he will always fail, the church shouldn't allow actions that would be against the teachings of the bible, (the Catholic church is wrong in many areas imo) but it isn't suppose to pass judgement, only point the way to the one who will.
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