catholic church. a force for suffering and death.

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  1. bill gates wants to distribute contraceptives in africa because there is suffering,starvation and death because there are too many people. sounds like a good idea right? not to the catholic church.

    The Catholic Bishops of Kenya have collectively slammed a pro-contraception article that appeared in the country’s Africa Review earlier this month as “dangerous” saying that it could “lead to destruction of the human society and by extension the human race.”

    “We cannot allow our country to be part of an international agenda, driven by foreign funds and by so doing, losing our independence and our African values of the family and society,” wrote John Cardinal Njue, chairman of the Kenya Episcopal Conference of Bishops in a letter titled Let us Uphold Human Dignity.
    But the country’s Catholic Bishops made it clear that they would have nothing to do with the “artificial family planning programme” by “foreign forces”.

    “[T]he use of contraceptives […] is both dehumanizing and goes against the teaching of the church, especially in a country like Kenya where a majority of the people are Christians and God fearing. It already threatens the moral fabric of the society and is an insult to the dignity and integrity of the human person.”

    The Catholic Bishops urged all Kenyans and the country’s government leaders that “any development which does not protect the human person is meaningless and in vain.”

    The Bishops slammed the program for targeting millions of girls and women in Africa with contraception while “many women are dying daily due to lack of proper medical care, food and housing.”
  2. But let's not forget, the CHURCH does other things too.

    Like promote bigotry against gays, shield pedophile priests from justice, deny women the priesthood and continue to teach as true those absurd fallacies from that ridiculous old book called the bible.
  3. peedrinkers next thread will be a post lauding the catholic church for promoting one it's leftist agenda's or such crap.

    Funny how that works.
  4. Phoenix, never asked, but please define what "leftist" is. Just so I have a handle on the language. Us Negroes be dumb you know.:D
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  9. Usually "leftist" means something involving enforced collectivism.
  10. Another monumentally stupid statement.
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