Catching the falling through butter

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  1. Volker, does WL allow you to create a system and run it in real time with alerts, or is it only EOD. Also how many stocks can I have scanned continually throughout the day for these conditions? Thank you
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  2. iriekity


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  3. Wealth-Lab Developer 3 allows you to create a system and run it in real time with alerts. There are several options for scanning continuslly throughout the day for certain conditions with WLD3.

    The web site is using EOD data only and it is for free.You can also scan for certain market conditions on the web site (free). This was created for traders that enjoy good EOD systems and like to continue trading them while on vacation in Paris ;).
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  4. iriekity


    BFUN sold 1/2 5000K position at 1.1 keeping rest
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  5. iriekity


    Looking to buy LDL
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  6. iriekity


    LDL is looking good thus far
    Still holding half of BFUN
    Still long IUSA
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  7. iriekity


    Bought PFGC at 36.58 stop at 36.29
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  8. newtoet


    FYI - FMKT gapping up this morning on news. Good luck.
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  9. iriekity


    FMKT has worked out very well. I am still holding these core positions.


    Have a great irie New Year! More to be had in 2004!!!
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  10. It can work in bear markets, too. And you don't really have to adjust the strategy, though if you have a good timing method, you could.

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