Catching the falling through butter

Discussion in 'Journals' started by iriekity, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. iriekity


    Long IUSA at 7.65
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  2. iriekity


    Long BFUN at .99
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  3. iriekity


    Both BFUN and IUSA are working well today.
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  4. lindq


    So far buying the stock of good companies on weakness has been around for about...oh, 400 years. So I wouldn't worry about the strategy getting overplayed! The trick is the level at which you are buying, the fundamentals of the company, and the tune of the overall market that's playing in the background. A bull market can cover a lot of sloppiness in the strategy. But when things flatten or go south, that's what separates the men from the boys.
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  5. Bob111


    my guess that this strategy may work on bull market, but will fail on bear. i have plenty of system that work well in different kind of markets, but only couple work in both bull and bear. the only a question-how you will figure out -where you are now.))))

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  6. iriekity


    It is all about the now as far as I am concerned. The key is to make money today and not worry about tomorrow that is what money management is for.
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  7. With all respect to your idea and the strategy from the web site, but you should test this strategy first. I would asume that the idea is easy to code. You could then backtest it on a portfolioor your personal portfolio called WatchList on the site. I would never trade a system that I have not personally backtested. To take it a step further I would not only backtest it on the selected stocks but also on a different set or the whole NASDAQ 100 stocks.
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  9. Not saying that you will find the holy grail but may be knowing if a strategy works. I was just trying to help. Good luck! ;)
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  10. iriekity


    I hear ya I was not trying to knock your advise I just have a little different approach. I appreciate eveyone that contributes to this thread. I really think there is some money to be made here and hope others benefit.
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