catchiest song ever

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ROCK SOLID, May 4, 2003.

  1. check out "all the things she said" by tatu


    p.s. the 2 girls are supposed to be lesbian lovers from russia. :)
  2. if you like that song, check out "not gonna get us" by tatu, also.

  3. Jump Jump!

    Mac Daddy gonna make ya...

    Jump Jump!

    (I'll make a bet that once this song gets in your head, you can't expunge it for the rest of the day.)
  4. DT-waw


    just a few:

    The Fire Inside - Bob Seger
    Life is a Highway - Tom Petty
    Black Velveteen - Lenny Kravitz
    I'll Fly With You - Gigi D'Agostino
    Set a Drift on Memory Bliss - PM Dawn

    yeah, kriss kross rrocks! :cool:
  5. Good song.

    "baby, you send me. baby, you send me. baby, you send me..."

  6. here's another new song that gets ROCK's thumbs up..

    "bring me to life" by evanescence

  7. while i'm at it, here's one of my favorite songs right now..

    "blue and yellow" by the used <----------- good song


    p.s. check out "the red" by chevelle, too.
  8. trans-fatty acid, by lamb, as remixed by kruder & dorfmeister...far better than lamb's original version..

    especially catchy for trading. the way Louise Rhodes sings the song is amazing..............................................but the K&D version of the song is far far far better than the original...

    no one said it would be easy
    did anyone tell you
    the road would be straight and long?
    relax your mind
    and give it all to me
    cuz you know
    and i know
    our love is strong............enough
    to weather the rain
    to weather the snow
    to weather the storm...