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  1. This is going to be a Journal.

    What I would prefer is to set forth a few items that are important to me a a consequence of investing since 1957.

    My preference is to not have a dialogue here nor conduct a forum because I have a low tolerance for input that is not proactive nor creative.

    I can easily transfer to here, comments to me from other threads that relate to what I do as a means of clarifying my viewpoint. I would do this under a topic that relates to me. I plan on commenting occassionally on threads where I can be supportive.

    I have been told that anyone can ignore anyone if they choose. I suggest that if you are in anyway offended or afraid of what I say, then ignore me after you have vented in the thread where you find the need to vent for your personal benefit.

    The next post will classify how I look at things.

    I do not have a common viewpoint. My view is iteratively derived over a period of 46 years specifically in a TA orientation starting with 300 dollars and self learning primarily.

    See the next post for a classification system of how I organize my thinking and feeling.
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  2. This is from Word and it does not indent. you can copy it and indent it if you wish; it will be more clear if you do.

    My personal orientation

    A. People Part

    1. Start simply and add to basics as you grow emotionally and intellectually.
    2. Heavy debriefing. Be in for one movie. Be out of market as long as it takes to find out what happened.
    3. Sideline immediately once you are behind the curve.
    4. Profit accumulation determines the breakpoints for level of trading.
    5. Iterative refinement is the only way to progress. (Never be stuck)

    B. Technical points
    1. Major
    i. Trends
    ii. Fractal pairs
    iii. Flaws

    2. Minor
    i. Volume (DU, FRV, peaking)
    ii. Price formations (by pace groupings)
    iii. P, V relation and corrolary
    iv. MACD (5 ,13,6)
    1. peaks (troughs)
    2. x-overs
    3. divergence
    4. convergence
    5. damping
    6. BO’s
    7. “awayness”
    8. value, time (rate pairings)

    C Market parts.

    1. Matrix (fractals vs price)
    2. Pace indicators
    3. stop logging
    4. indicator signal sequences
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  3. I use stochastics for training purposes because it is a relativistic indicator and the various defaults are very informative.

    It can be used to make money like crazy by beginners unless they come equipped with major hangups or are stck somewhere.

    because a person posts here using an educational classifiying system , I am using that system he uses to make a point hrough his familiar system.

    Here is the stochastics stuff below. If I am participating in a thread on stochastics ask me there or do the venting there that you need to do to take care of your personal needs.

    Repetitio est mater studiorum

    Beginner (between initial capital and three times initial capital)
    Rockets (fast pace):
    Use 14, 1, 3
    Tape 20/80
    5 min
    Set ES to 10 point scaling
    Enter as both show on the 20 (short) or 80 (long) always (last one in)
    Exit as both leave the 20 (short) or 80 (long) always (first one out)

    Intermediate (after taking out initial capital leaving you with twice initial capital)
    Add to beginner rockets.
    Sideline practice:
    Stay on sidelines until histogram of MACD (5, 13, 6) crosses absolute
    value of 0.4 momentarily.
    Wash practice:
    Keep track of the number of times the price equals the entry price when
    20 broken and you are sidelined.

    Icebergs (slow pace):
    Use 14, 1, 3
    Tape 20/80
    Drop beginner rocket sideline rule.
    Enter as both show on the 20 (short) or 80 (long) always (last one in)
    Exit as both show on the 80 (short) or 20 (long) always (first one in)
    Or later (After doubling twice initial capital)
    Reverse as both show on the 80 (short to long) or 20 (long to short) always (first one in)
    And (after returning to three times initial capital)
    Do wash trades three times a week or more as required at 11:15
    Keep track of the number of times the price equals the entry price when
    20/80 broken and you are sidelined.
    And (after returning to three times initial capital)
    Enter on 5, 2, 3 with tape 20/80; maintain hold using 14 ,1 , 3 and ignoring 5, 2, 3.

    Do beginner and intermediate.
    Take off the tape 20/80.
    Exit when lines are asymptotic to 50% line.
    Practice washes using the 1 min bars asymptotic to 50% when you are recording
    price = entry price.
    Use the 50% line for BO’s
    Go to 1 min bars when the 5 min is on the 50% and entwined (slow and fast
    lines weaving together).
    Enter on divergence of fast from the slow line. Hold until both line cross 20 or 80
    Then follow intermediate stuff.
    Delayed reversals:
    Always refrain from using (as entry signal) divergence BO’s from 20 or 80 towards center.
    If the above divergence is NOT asymptotic to center then enter on crossing of 50% line if divergence is increasing.
    Add contracts weekly. Advance until you have partial fills
    At point where partial fills occur take out funds each time triple the initial capital occurs.

    Do explanation and use wealth building as duration indicator
    Debrief daily (stop trading when you are behind the beat) Exit and find out why.
    Keep log of errors and notice progression away from repeated errors
    Do explanation and use wealth building as duration indicator
    Debrief daily (stop trading when you are behind the beat) Exit and find out why.
    Keep log of errors and notice progression away from repeated errors
    Perfect wash trades. Use these at all times when any
    flaw occurs whatsoever.
    Do explanation and use wealth building as duration indicator
    Debrief daily (stop trading when you are behind the beat) Exit and find out why.
    Keep log of errors and notice progression away from repeated errors
    Train one other person through explanation
    Train this person through demonstration
    Have new person begin imitation under your guidance.
    Provide Q and A advice to others within the context of your trading.
    Qualify others to be beginners
    Use iterative refinement skills to help others
    Use your paradigm as a source to help people with other paradigms.
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  5. Jack, thank you for starting this thread. PLEASE ignore the negative posts that will surely arise. I've been on ET a while and there's always some loser that tries to bring people down. PLEASE IGNORE THESE PEOPLE, it will just ruin your thread if you respond to them.
    YES. PAY ATTENTION, GUYS! If you don't like what Jack says, ignore him! I'm sick of people complaining about a free lunch.

    R.I.P. super_ego
  6. Err, and the point is... It performs even worse when it's done exactly as you suggested??

    P.S. I think constructive questions and comments will only better the quality of the learning on this thread. And thank you for starting it; don't forget to post charts!:) I suggest posting a ES 5min chart with begginer Stoch trades, daily.
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    I have followed you on usenet. Welcome to EliteTrader!
  8. This chart is the trades for the day.

    Since I am in LA I am using a trader friend's set up. NB the 75/25 on both Stocs.

    By synch (third 5 min bar) short entry was possible.
    Exit was on blue fast line.

    I drew horizontal price values.

    After 11:15 MACD kept us sidelined. Between end of short trade and 11:15 the Stoc kept us out.

    The volume on trade two is what pushed the divergence of MACD up (hist made it to .4) to start long second trade.

    Third trade was the real beginning of the afternoon

    You can see that volume started this trade as well.

    The last trade went to the end of the day. Both MACD and Stoc set up this trade.
  9. Attached is a partial chart of today.
  10. This shows three beginner trades
    The intermediate people do beginner plus ice bergs Thr iceberg exit is really at end of middle beginner trade.

    Note that the Stoc when to rest at 50% line after the middle trade.

    For experts who have the tape off, they would be trading the BO up (long) off the 50% and holding to end of day. Experts will also trade the congestion reversing out of rocket and then siw other reversals. Vengeance your trades the other day (13 were that type trade. He made about 10 points as I recall.)

    Here is some good volume stuff for you. Use the P, V relation for this. The short trend is comming up as you see from 13:30 the volume creeping up. This puts you on notice. Then you get the FBP showing up. Volume kicks in on the BO down from the FBP. You see volume peak (and within the 5 min it is easy to do a prorata volume rate of increase. When it poops out the rend is over. The decreasing volume confirms a change (second part of boolean expression of the P, V relation)

    Now you are looking for the Change in Trend. (this is a change from short to long). Increasing volume marks (this is the first boolean part of the P, V relation kicking in).

    Volume falls off (see the Stoc go to 50%) and price centers. as volume kicks back in (do porrata or one min observation ) and the end of the day effects are in play from here on out. These three end of day events always happen and whatever contemporary volume is there will always sustain these events.

    If you have read this far you better notice that you are not an expert at all. The message here is that there are a lot of stuff to learn to pull down the money all the time.

    I am going to start to pep up my comments. It is worth doing a self check. you can yellow highlight what you didn't think about during the day. Next you can pink highlight what is new to you. If you don't highlight anything you are kiddding yourself by quite a margin.

    Everyone needs their NLP adjusted here.

    Nobody really caught on to how little you have to make a day to get to 90,000 a year.

    If you have a bitch about what I am saying do it in the other threads. I do not want any ignorant chat hear to mess this up.
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