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  1. ISRG. You know how this thing moves. Recent volume surge. If you use tight enough stops its worth probing for the bottom on this for the long haul cause theres so much upside. Also, they've started a recent ad campaign. Not yet but its coming. Check the substantial support from 2007 around this level. Bottoms gone, still viable.
  2. not sure what time you posted.. but looks alright for a few points from here
  3. Nice Call. When I posted this the days range was 93.31-101.5
    right now, 2/3, around 14:55 its hovering around 110.
  4. rumors that JNJ are interested in buying it.
    Good call on the stock btw, nice entry.
  5. High of 114.58 today tuesday, feb. 3, .............nice call.
  6. wouldn't a conservative company like JNJ give a lowball offer?
  7. What? You're patting yourself on the back. Haha.
  8. Try it you'll like it.
  9. Way oversold.
  10. kiss of death - I liked it but now it's going to 50 thanks to this "endorsement"
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