Catch the Firefox if you can.

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  1. Now 1.0 is officially out (
    What's good about it? I like the following.
    - small, compact, and fast, I mean FAST!
    - tab browsing
    - live bookmark for rss browsing for green and economic content, pictorial ads. pollution less more.
    - popup management (Find popup no more)
    - simple, safe, and scale(IE hundres of securities options no more, turn off this java, turn off that active sh8t. But all are configurable behind the scence if you want.)
    - brighter future when more addon and standalone applications on the technology kick in. M\s and IE's lucky days are over.
  2. The 1.0 version is more stable than the 1.0 preview version, didn't expect that. Looks good.
  3. I've got a question.

    The sidebar search engine ("MyCroft") feature... that has the list of all the customized search engines, use to have a "Search This Page" entry. It had a magnifying glass as an icon.

    After upgrading from 0.9 to 1.0, all entries I had in there were retained, except for that one. I need this feature and I can't figure out how to get it back. Anybody know?

  4. Catoosa


    I had thoughts of downloading Firefox until I went to the FireFox user forum and read some of the problems users were having. I have never read about any software where users experienced as many problems and bugs. It reminds me of Linux users, the users have to love dealing with all sorts of problems. From all of the forums I have read on Linux and Firefox, neither are install and forget software. You need to be a Geek to want to deal with what takes place after the install.
  5. The forum is of course a collection of many problems, it does not give a fair representation of Firefox.

    Just try Firefox, you can run it next to Internet Explorer. All your settings will be imported automatically and you do not have to configure a thing. Really easy.
  6. Catoosa


    Thank you for your reply. That sounds encouraging. I will give cross my fingers and give it a try.
  7. gnome


    While it appears speedy (faster/better caching than Avant),

    1. Must double click on tab bar to open additional tab
    2. When click on "New", reverts to Home page (Don't understand that action at all), and does not open a new tab
    3. With Web Accelerator service, there is no "Show Original Image" choice
    4. "Snap To" mouse function is inop
    5. No "Ad Blocker"... I've come to really appreciate this feature in Avant .
    6. Can't move tabs bar to bottom of the page.

    Nice try Firefox, but NO CIGAR!
  8. Hi,
    I've got a couple of questions, perhaps some can answer for me.

    1. If I download FireFox, will IB's TWS still work, without re downloading java, or some other reconfiguring stuff?

    2. Will my current acrobat reader, still work for reading my pdf files?

    The thing that stops me from switching to FF, is the potential to have to re download a number of currently functioning softwares.

    Is this going to be a problem for me? Or what?

    Thanks for any help
  9. gnome:

    There are various ways to open a tab, for example ctr + click, or the middle mouse button.

    Firefox' goal is to be simple, extra features can be added by adding extensions, see Tools --> Extensions --> Get More Extensions, and search for 'adblock'.

    I do not know the other functions you mentioned.


    I think TWS uses ActiveX, which is not supported by Firefox because of security problems. I think there is an extension for ActiveX, but I am not sure about that and if it will work.

    Acrobat Reader should function just fine.
  10. dbphoenix


    FF is just a browser. No reason why it should affect Adobe.

    As for TWS, I had to stop using the browser-based version because of IE. Therefore, FF has not been an issue.
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