Catastrophic Food Crisis 2009

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    By: Eric_deCarbonnel

    After reading about the droughts in two major agricultural countries, China and Argentina, I decided to research the extent other food producing nations were also experiencing droughts. This project ended up taking a lot longer than I thought. 2009 looks to be a humanitarian disaster around much of the world

    To understand the depth of the food Catastrophe that faces the world this year, consider the graphic below depicting countries by USD value of their agricultural output, as of 2006.

    The countries that make up two thirds of the world's agricultural output are experiencing drought conditions. Whether you watch a video of the drought in China, Australia, Africa, South America, or the US , the scene will be the same: misery, ruined crop, and dying cattle.

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    We are having a severe drought here in SE Texas. Central TX is having the worst drought in 100 years. There isn't a lot of crops in these parts except for livestock feed. It is mainly cattle country.

    I've often wondered what the tipping point is that would turn our civilized world into anarchy. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, the folks here were civil to each other even with many without power for weeks.

    Would I be able to say the same thing if there is a true food crisis on a global scale? We are so used to eating what we want, when we want.
  3. IMO, if the world really had a shortage of grains the price of corn wouldn't be $3.66, soybeans $8.72 and wheat at $5.
  4. Yet most of the world is starving to death. Strange how that works, huh?

    Food prices are not controlled by farmers and the way the process works, it is meant to destroy the small farmer and people who are able to live off & eat off the land.
  5. "Yet most of the world is starving to death." Is MOST of the world starving to death or just some of the world? Most seems to be a big word in this case.
  6. Since this nation is about to undergo a similar period as Argentina did earlier this decade, it is wise to look back and learn from Argentina. Food crisis is synonymous with financial meltdown.
  7. Most of the people are starving to death. Just look at Africa, South American, Central America, Middle East, Eastern Europe. Even in USA, many are starving, not most, but a significant chunk.

    While we are on the topic, did you know that one to two years of defense spending by first world nations is enough to eliminate hunger and poverty of the whole world. Eliminating poverty & hunger is not a challenge, it's just not a desired objective by the elites who run the world.
  8. Anaconda you sound like the right person to try and change that. I think you should run for office and do that. Please tell me about Argentina.
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    If most of the people in the world are starving to death, then I guess we can count on a world population of 2 billion in a few days.
  10. Maybe that is why the grains are where they are. IMO charts show supply and demand and if the demand for grain in the the world was big or going to become big, based on the article then the price of grains wouldn't be this cheap, not to mention the price of soybeans has actually dropped since Argentina has received rain over the last 45 days.
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