CAT earnings tomorrow, HOW the f$$K CAN THEY NOT BEAT ESTIMATES!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. S2007S


    CAT looking for $1.09 in EPS on REV of $10.48 BILLION

    Went back to their July quarter and again what we have here are analysts low balling the fuck out of estimates.

    Last QU when Caterpillar reported, they reported $1.09 EPS and Revenue of $10.409 Billion, this quarter analysts have EPS estimates of $1.09 on revenue of $10.48 Billion.

    How can THEY NOT blow away the estimates tomorrow morning. They could report last quarters numbers and still be in line with analysts estimates for this quarter.

    Caterpillar will easily do a $1.25 EPS on revenue of around $11 Billion.
  2. S2007S


    As of Wednesday, 101 S&P 500 firms reported earnings and 83 percent beat estimates for earnings per share. Sixty-one percent beat revenue expectations.
  3. jnorty


    cats earnings ests have been low balled to hell for 5 straight qtrs.last yr they had qtr were they did 77 cents yet the ests for the next qtr were 40 cents so i was shaking my head with the fraud going on. wait till you see amzn tommorrow. when the stock missed big and crashed last qtr the ests were lowered from 61 cents to 45 cents for this qtr yet the stock has skied 60%. does that mean if they do 55 cents which is still lower than the original 61 cents that the stock goes even higher. the eps estimate game is the biggest fraud ever developed
  4. Saoleo


    Miracle! The market refutes the probability theory.:D
  5. So you admit that global construction demand is increasing?