CAT & DE (Caterpillar & Deere) see big decline in global demand for their goods

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  1. By Courtney Schlisserman

    Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Caterpillar Inc., the world's largest maker of construction equipment, said Aug. 20 that declines in sales of machinery to its retailers accelerated in July. Deere & Co., the world's largest maker of farm equipment, lowered its sales forecast for 2009 amid declining demand for lawn and construction machinery.
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    Seriously if fundamentals mattered do you think the s@p would have ever seen 1038? we'd still be at 800 or less if they mattered.
  3. Fundamentals never matter...until they do.

    Then, they matter more than ever.
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    you know what that means when demand drops around the world ? depression.

  5. CAT and DE are "best of breed" companies. As far as trading goes, the farther down these go the better. buy at a discount...dont be a sucker and pay retail price :)