Cat 5 Hurricane In The Gulf

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  1. The Atlantic and the tropical are brewing. Lets think what would happen if we get a major hurricane in the gulf of mexico. Oil is now over $80.00 and holding.

    Keep a watchfully eye on the weather this time of the year, we may get some great opportunities.
  2. S2007S


    hmmm $85.00

    $3.50 at the pump.
  3. Some rotation in this lower pressure area, gulf waters are very warm, may be to close to land though.
  4. Click on loop, then place your mouse cursor in the center map and left click, it will pull up a satellite loop, you can see the rotaion.
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    NG unimpressed with this system so far
  6. You fucks are wishing for a cat 5 hurricane?...making money is one thing....wishing for the most destructive force in nature that has the power to wipe out cities and kill people just to make a few thousand bucks is pathetic! Fucking losers!
  7. Yeah...fucking losers..
    who's buying Natty?
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    Did anyone recall the cheers the other day when oil jumped above $80???? All the traders in the pit were excited to see $80+.... Im sure they can all afford $5.00 bucks at the pump so they dont care how high it goes or what hurricane is headed towards the gulf coast. As long as oil is headed higher their happy.

  9. Hey calm down Jr, know one is wishing for that, just pointing out what may be an opportunity.

    Gee do you think most people might evacuate this time, gees what a dope.
  10. You've already missed 13 hurricanes this you think you are a little bit late to the game? As for your wonderful strategy, it's about the same as buying OTM options, you'll bleed to death before you catch a lucky break....have you forgotten Aramanth? They played that game and lost....and deserved it!
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