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  1. I've been advised by a fellow trader and ET .....hmmmm.... user... to create this journal. His reason was that it will allow all the wannabe traders who create vast trading journals on this site to see how a successful trader journal looks like. The down side is that I'm not a journal kind of person, so I don't know how it will turn out. In any case, we will all soon find out...

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  2. My initial plan was to post info about the way I trade and how I do things, but I didn't have the time. I will post today's results at the end of the day and post about my trading as things develop.

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  3. Today I wasn't planning on trading the whole day but ended up staying near the screen and following most of the time.


    7 Traders - 6 Winners, 1 Loser - 87.5% Hitrate

    6 ER2 Trades = +8.55 = +$855 per contract
    1 EUR Trade = -0.0005 = -$62.5 per contract


    Time Pos inst Price Result Entry/Exit reason

    9:44 Long ER2 595.6 Scalp trade on the buildup of upward momentum
    9:45 cover ER2 596.6 +1 Just as planned

    9:50 Short ER2 596.6 On momentum change
    10:12 Cover ER2 593 +3.6 Direction change on other indices

    12:30 Short ER2 594.5 On general weakness and new strength in bonds
    12:41 Cover 1/2 ER2 593.5 +1 Since this trade is not based on a strong signal
    12:50 Cover 1/2 ER2 594.2 +0.3 New strength shook me out

    13:46 Long EUR 1.2470 Enough? Time to go up?
    13:52 Stop EUR 1.2465 -0.0005 Apparently not. Probably now it will go up though

    14:35 Long ER2 596.5 Got in late, going for scalp
    14:38 Cover ER2 597.5 +1 Got it

    15:18 Short ER2 598.8 Exhaustion move
    15:26 Cover ER2 598.5 +0.3 No is no...

    15:41 Long ER2 599 End of day rally are becoming an old story, lets enjoy.
    15:50 Cover ER2 601 +2 This is going faster & higher than I imagined

  4. You referring to me as the wannabe trader? :p

    Good luck man! :D

  5. No.

    I dont remember you ever advising me to write a journal...
  6. I've received a few questions in PM regarding ER2. There are a few threads out there discussing the behavior of ER2. Do a search and you can find alot o info.

    And I don't trade exclusively ER2, though lately it became the instrument of choice.

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  7. Today was kind of strange. Things I had more conviction about didn't work out while things I wasn't sure about managed to work well. If I would have pulled the trigger on other things I wasn't sure about I would have made some more green :) . In any case I'm happy with the result as it is.


    8 Trades - 7 Winners, 1 Loser

    2 EUR Trades = +0.0016 = +$200 per contract
    3 ER2 Trades = +2.2 = +$220 per contract
    2 YM Trades = +5 = +$25 per contract
    1 ES Trade = 1.125 = +$56.25 per contract
    = +$501.25 per contract


    Time Pos inst Price Result Entry/Exit reason

    7:55 Long EUR 1.2506 Scalp it up
    8:01 Cover EUR 1.2512 +0.0006 Have to leave, be back just before the open

    9:35 short ER2 601 ES tape looks weak
    9:38 Cover ER2 603 +2 Reached preset target

    9:42 Long YM 10662 Time for a rebound
    9:45 Cover YM 10672 +10 Locked-in profit too early. Ended up as a better decision

    9:51 Short ER2 600 Looks like weakness
    9:55 Cover ER2 599.9 +0.1 Uncertainty - will wait now for Consumer Confidence at 10am

    10:00 Long EUR 1.2545 EUR shot down a reverse is bound to yield a few ticks
    10:01 Cover EUR 1.2555 +0.001 Started the wigglie wig, I'm out.

    10:06 Short YM 10655 YM seems the weakest of the bunch, keeping a tight stop, let's see
    10:08 Stop YM 10660 -5 Well... I was afraid of the aftershocks

    11:30 Long ER2 597.2 Seems like a good place to reverse, Higher low on ER2, bonds halted
    12:00 Stop ER2 597.3 +0.1 Didn't work

    14:28 Long ES 1145 Time for a trend change
    14:37 Cover 1/2 ES 1147 +2 Will let the rest run with stop above B/E
    14:59 Stop 1/2 ES 1145.25 +0.25 Stopped out
  8. Very nice TM! What kinda size you pullin on these trades? :D

  9. Depends on my conviction regarding the move.

    TM Trader
  10. I think you should post the size you're doing on each trade.

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