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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Buzzed, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Buzzed


    Alot of people in a random unrelated forum somewhere out there on the web are talking about playing a game on the stockmarket with eachother. Just for fun. No prizes or anything. I piped in and said I would ask around here for suggestions.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

    Equities are a must, but it would be nice if options were also included.
  2. Try ThinkOrSwim.

    You can open an account today (no funding required) and start using their trading software. In their demo environment (PaperMoney), they even give you $200000 paper money to play with. Yuu hoo!

  3. Buzzed


    Yeah but does it allow for competative trading, where you create a game with other users and results are shown for each player in that game?

    We played the stock market game in MarketWatch last time, we would like to try a different one this time around. What turned alot of people off was the 20 minute delay before a trade was executed. So combined with the 20 minute quote delay (which is fine) there was also the 20 minute trade delay for a total of 40 minutes from the real world price to the time of your trade.

    A delayed quote is fine, we would just like to find a game where the simulated trades do not have a delay.
  4. I am sorry. I misunderstood what you meant by "game". You mean like an arcade game and you guys see who presses the buy and sell buttons the quickest?

    Keep up your unappreciative attitude towards those who tried to help you. Many of your future employers would love that.
  5. LeeD


    You get a quote delay because exchanges tend to charge for real-time quotes.

    If trades are executed with real-time prices, how is it fare if one of the game participants has real-time market prices while others don't? From the game point of view it's like looking into the future...

    If you need a symulated account with real-time execution, collective2 is probabbly the best choice though they 1) charge for this service; 2) appear to have unfavourable record of loosing customer credit card data to hackers.
  6. Buzzed


    Bolimomo, that was not my intent. I appreciated your feedback, thankyou. I guess I need to work on articulating my posts better. :)

    LeeD: Thankyou for taking the time to respond. I don't necessarily want trades executed with real-time prices, I was just wondering if there was a simulation game that executed the trades at delayed quote prices is all. I understand about the "20 minutes into the future cheat" which is why MarketWatch enforces a 20 minute execution delay, but this is just casual, so if someone exploited it that had access to real-time quotes, more power to them.

    As for simulators requiring credit cards, that is a bit overkill for what we are looking for, thanks for the suggestion though. If a free one is not out there, no big deal, but being able to execute trades and not wait 20 minutes to see the result would retain more players. I guess we cannot please them all.
  7. Andyroki


    For virtual trading I just signed up to this site so far it has everything I want. The only thing I don't like is that it does not kick out people who are not trading, so if you have losses you are ranked lower than people who have 0 trades. Other than that it is OK.
  8. jprad


    The well-run games require you to have separate access to a realtime data feed because they require you to enter the trades in realtime even though they won't be posted until the delayed data catches up to the time when the trade was entered.