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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Trend Following, Nov 26, 2007.

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    I am producing a film documentary. The film is a journey down the path of investigating investor behavior, looking at financial news and ultimately finding out who is making serious money and why. Shooting started in August. Who are some that I have interviewed so far on camera for the film? <a href="">Larry Hite</a>, <a href="">David Harding</a>, <a href="">Charles Faulkner</a>, <a href=",%20CFA">Bill Miller</a>, <a href="">Eric Bolling</a>, <a href="">Michael Mauboussin</a>, <a href="">Barry Ritholtz</a>, <a href="">Peter Borish</a>, <a href="">Salem Abraham</a>, <a href="">Vernon Smith (Nobel Prize winner)</a>, <a href="">Mark Mobius</a>, <a href="">Kevin Bruce</a>, <a href="">Congressman Richard Baker (R)</a>, <a href="">Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D)</a>, <a href="">Rich Blake</a>, <a href="">Harry Markowitz</a>, and <a href="">Lindsay Campbell of</a>, to name a few.

    However, the film is not just all big names or super successful traders. We have also filmed a great many man in the street interviews and investor profiles of average investors. The film is taking on a wide cross-section. If you are a new or experienced trader or investor (with big wins or losses), if you are an accomplished poker player, or if you are someone who believes that you lost (or made) a great deal of money due to a broker and or other financial recommendation (hedge fund, etc.), I would like to talk to you. The primary shooting is finished, but additional interviews could be very useful. If you have an interest in appearing on film please contact me through my blog below with an initial email.

    Michael Covel
  2. It's a good thing you're looking to add more interviews because half of the people I see listed haven't ever made a single cent in the markets. Lindsay Campbell give me a break.
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    Thanks for the feedback, but you may want to more carefully analyze who is in that list.

  4. give me a break, man. that's a good line up thus far--- peter borish, salem just to name two giants--- good stuff!

  5. Mr. Covel

    Based on your first post, one wonders why Victor Niedermayer isn't one of the interviewees. If you are interested in talking to people who have lost money, certainly he is one of the most prolific "losers" in recent history.

  6. Covel -- did you ever make a dime for Dennis?
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    What is the venue for the film going to be?
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    Film festivals, an initial limited theatrical release, and followed by TV/cable.
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    I agree, Niederhoffer would be an interesting interview.
  10. Is it possible to make it available on DVD? because non-US residents dont get US cable/tv.
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