Casting Call ET Remake of "THE PRODUCERS"!!!

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Who would be a better 'Leo Bloom'?

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  1. MarketSurfer

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  2. TiothySkyes (TIMMAY)

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  1. slacker


    ET 'Fantasy Productions' is looking to cast the YouTube remake of Mel Brooks's critically acclaimed comedy-musical adapted to a Hedge Fund setting.

    In the Hedge Fund version of the comedy, Max Bialystock played by none other than ET's trading guru emeritus Jack Hershey, persuades 'Leo Bloom' to trade his hedge fund using Hershey's own 'SCT market model'.
    Songs include:
    "I want to be a Hedge Fund guru"
    "You can do it!"
    "Spring Time for my Hedge Fund"
    "Der Guten Tag SHORT SHORT"
    "Where did we go right?"

    We are contacting Liz Clayman to see if she is available to play Ulla!

    Vote for who you believe would make the best 'Leo Bloom' for the musical-comedy! MarketSurfer or TimothySykes!

    It is going to be close! Vote now!!!