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  1. Ah no, yo be thinkin thiss jes annutha dumbbass Hypostopus thredd. Not so, and be barren wid me an ah be tellin yo WHY! Da fat boy, ever nite he gedda shuggah high, an he get up bout 3AM an get on line. I be thinkin, dat fatass be talkin his girl fren! But no. He be talkina YOU. White boys! (Doan get me started!) So ah lookit he sinein onna ISP, an ah see he imp-per-son-ate me! ME! CASS-AN-DRA! So ah redes de thredd he poss on, an' ah lookit he otha ali-ass, and I SEE, he fixate on Jack! A ole man! But CASS-AN-DRA, she no dummee, bin onna street to long. So she rede. An she rede. An she make som sens uddis Jack. So MUCH so, she see dat de 'Pus doan no Jack Shit! Dis Jack stuff simple! Caint argya widda man lak CHOCOLAT!

    Den ah watch de 'Pus trade. He so lame. Lak he fuk! Den ah see a nu Jack thredd, start by a nice boy. Seem so promisin. Den de same bitta ole men attakim, an de thredd turna shit. So CASS-AN-DRA think: ah bin watchin de 'Pus trade alla day, disgust he allus rong. Ah lookit Jack, he allus rite. So hear, CASS-AN-DRA goan channel Jack fo yo. Fenix, doan yo stott inon me. Ah BITCH SLAP yo iffn yo does. I moan ta u, u ole perv!

    De fus lessn commence widda nex post. Memba, dis be MAH thredd! Ain goin take no shit noboddy! Ah speck JohnnyK (he soun soooo pretty), BA_Tradah (is yo white?), and Nkhoi (uh girl lakka manna few word, they think he lisnen!) ta pos nice like. Jack iffn he no whut gud fo him, he stay away. Iffn he doan, CASS-AN-DRA goan call Miss Liz and we goan tawk! Why yo sposes she let dat ole man fly a airplain widdout a engine? He rich, yo no!
  2. Wow.....

    How long did it take you to write three parapraphs in jackass-ese? It took me about four minutes to read it.

    Shouldn't this be in chit-chat, or did I lose something when translating that into english?

    All I can say is wow.........
  3. O alla Jack wisdem, de fuss, ah be thinkin, be dat dey be fo o at mos five tren inna day. Enny boddy tink dis not de fussed lessen? Enny boddy tink dis not tru? Be nice. Lessin yo name Geronimo Goldberg, an yo gotta bank ballince long as yo middle fingah, ah not be payin yo no nevahmind! We goan take dis wun steppita time. Lak de man say, KISS!
  4. ...yo be hangin shoat! Dey no put JACK inna cat, an I be clear dan he. Modda-rata, jes yo wate! Ah goan takit step ba step. Splain da spredd, sin-kro-nissty, breakout (ah do dat oncea munth), failya ta traversse, dry up (who unnastan dat bettern a gull?), voodoo (dat VERY dry up), faith in chanuls (CASS-AN-DRA, she BELIEVE!), an end effeks (my speshty). Dese white boy ben arggrin fo munth bout it. I goan SPLAIN it! Plane tawk! Simple as tit ta mouf!

    Ansa de qwesshun, chink! Fo, at mos fi channul a day, is tru o no?
  5. Anybody see da Answer lately? Maybe AI can help translate? :D
  6. deeznutz


    tha answer on elitetrader wuz not AI pissboy...

    and cassandra howcha lik ta suk on deeznutz???
  7. Sorry numbnutz, The Answer IS DA MAN and he ALWAYZ HAZ DE ANSWER!!!!!!
  8. deeznutz


    its deeznuts pissface- and only dorks write in big colored letters!!!
  9. Uh oh dweebnut, you doan wanna The Answer ta come down there and WHOOP UP ON YO' HAID!!!