Casino trade alert. TBT DEC CALL

Discussion in 'Options' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. This is a special Casino trade alert. This is for pureplay Casino trade.

    For 1.15 a contract you can go long the 33 call on TBT (Ultrashort 20+ year treasury)

    This gives you 72 days of time value.

    I only call these Casino trades rarely. This is another special event.
  2. tbt dec 33c trade looks interesting, monitor it here:

  3. LEAPup


    Looking to go 5 for $620

    Let's see what happens.:)
  4. MartinGS


    Mike Turner talked about TBT with Tom Sosnoff on the October 6 seminar in Trader Lounge on TOS. Most of the TBT discussion is at 1:15 minutes in.
  5. LEAPup


    I'm up 160bps so far. Good call KOS:)
  6. LEAPup


    240bps now:)
  7. LEAPup


    Up 33% now:)

    Great call KOS!:)
  8. Woohoo Thanks king
  9. The 64 dollar question. Do you hold it for more, or take your money and run?
    #10     Oct 14, 2010