Casino mogul backed all losers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pekelo, Nov 8, 2012.

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    You could see it coming when he first picked Newt Gingrich.... :)

    He wasted altogether 53 million on 8 losers.... I guess if he had more casino experience....

    Overall, the GOP's ROI was incredibly bad. One Super PAC got only 1% success for their 103 million donation. But that is a good thing, just showing that big money can't always buy results....
  2. Lucrum


    A failed paper trader, pizza delivery guy who moonlights playing his ukelele in cheap hotel bars is making fun of someone else losses?
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    To be fair there was big money on both sides. The composition of the two is quite different, though.
  4. No luke , he is thanking them for providing liquidity.
  5. Give him a break lucrum, playing the ukulele more than obama did to get the nobel peace prize.
  6. Pekelo


    Sure, but when you donate you should either buy influence or at least have a good chance of winning.

    Gingrich for president? In what world did that make sense???? I think he gave him 16 million and was very much against Romney, before he finally accepted that Mittens will be the nominee....
  7. You're right, it was very foolish.

    Business people often are very lacking in political instincts. Look at Romney. Had pretty much everything in his favor and still screwed it up by running a poor campaign.
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    Well, Mittens is Mittens, but I don't think he has ever had a chance. Hell, even Karl Rove projected back in April that Romney would lose.

    The reason why all the Rep heavyweight (Jeb Bush, Jindal, Christy) missed this election was because they made an evaluation, and they just didn't see a good chance of winning running against the incumbent. They also could have been afraid of Romney's money, but I think the former was more important factor in their decision.
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    LOL Even Mann Coulter predicted Mittens would lose. :D
    There's good reasons why the GOP crop of 2012 candidates was referred to as a clown car.
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