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  1. Welcome to Cashmaker's hot stocks and trading.

    Thanks for comment and suggestion. Since I am new here, I do not realize I have to keep in one thread. Today I received notice from Webmaster relate to my multi-thread posting. In the future, I will keep in one thread. Sorry about the multi-thread before. Any comment and critique and suggestion are welcome.
  2. Attention GMTN tomorrow. GMTN today didn't go down under 20MA line, on the contrary, it met strong support on the 20MA line which is approximate $13 level. From I-watch, these day large institution activities found. From public info, I can not find any reason why Institution increase their holding, but there must be someting brewing. Don't forget GMTN will open a lot of new store during April and May, check their website.

    So whenever the news about new store established out in either newspaper or magazine, it will attract more investor. This is a low float and strong FA company, any increase volume will push it much higher. My shorterm target is $15 in the next several weeks. These days showing no volume because people are worry about the 20MA support point, now it already establish, will see uptrend from now on.
  3. NGPS may need some adjust today. It has been up for several straight days. I believe I will pull back some, at least at the beginning. May go bacl to 21
  4. Attention: Oil price increased 40 cents within 5 minute. watch the Market
  5. Load back NGPS step by step.load 1k @21.88, seems sell off stop, very quiet on the Bid side.
  6. In GEOI here for Oil price back. Market seems head to red.
    Oil price shot up suddently.
  7. 12:10 est...tough time to short now..if there's a break down, short indexes, but this looks like a rally point.
  8. Ready for NGPS fly
  9. ANTP lead the NGPS fall, not need to worry about NGPS, will up tomorrow. I already predicted it will fall this morning due to 5 straight days up. Typical profit taken with low volume.I full loaded at 21.4 level. Let's see how it jump tomorrow.
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