Cashing in .... good or bad?

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  1. Greetings my dear friends. It is I, your fine feathered lilduckling.
    This July marks the one year anniversity that i went in all long. Through all the bumps we had along the way, i never wavered... held my longs in my conviction that we were in a long term bull run even though the small caps were not leading the charge.

    You must be thinking that my account is huge and that i made tons of $$. Well.... its true i made $$$ but my account is slightly smaller than when i started. Yes its true. I have been guilty of cashing in on this uptrend we've been on for some time now. I been blowing money like a drunken sailor... buying new furniture... large screen TVs ...etc. This has made me realize something.... my final lesson in the markets.... even though you may make $$$, it doesn't mean you are cut out for it. A wise trader would not have been cashing in... instead he/she would be putting all money to work. It seems I lacked this final discipline. My dear friends, the truth is i dont think my heart is in it as it once was.

    I think i will pursue other interests. Lately I have been thinking about writing a childrens book. A challenge im sure.

    Has anyone else also gobbled all their profits in an orgasmic frenzy? If so.... did you feel guilty or happy?

    I feel happy that i made a big fat return....... but very very sad / depressed that i choked the life out of my profits.
  2. I'm already approaching 7 figure this year and have made some big purchases but nothing that I regret. I suggest you focus your Shopgasm on *Hard Assets* Aka. Developable Land, Angel funding/venture capital on new promissing enterprises, collectable art, etc. It's hard to continuing growing your wealth if you don't enjoy the process of aquiring that wealth :)
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    I was denied of that experience but I feel one coming soon.:D
  4. poor nkhoi :( poor poor nkhoi