Cash solution to bail out...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by PocketChange, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Simple solution for bail out and other problems.

    Government redeems all cash and stops minting money. Everything should be electronic on a government issued credit/debit card.

    Take the 700 Billion pennies in circulation that cost 1.8 cents to make and 5.2 cents to manage and melt it down. Get rid of the mint.. save a few 100B there too.

    No need for anyone to file and pay taxes as your government account already automagically does this for you. They own you, control you and will let you know what you have.

    Our government will have a complete audit trail of all transactions of their citizens. Save tons of spy gear...

    No need for embargos/war or credit swaps the feds will have all of that under there control.

    No need to save for your kids or retirement you can count on Uncle Sam..

    Gambling... Government will hedge your bets... go ahead split 10's.

    Need a hooker... Just insert your card and she'll bend over.

    Banks?... no need for them... the federal reserve is your bank..

    Jobs? No need to work your government will make sure you are provided for.

    Yep... just get rid of the cash and go with your government issued card.
  2. Your debit card is on the way, but is only a baby step toward the chip in your hand. Prove me wrong, anybody.