Cash Money M&a Thread!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Intel just bought Macafee all cash a day after another all cash offer for Potash.

    FOLKS GET READY-- We are about to see a tidal wave of M&A action and since no one trusts stocks anymore they will be CASH DEALS. Check out the premium for macafee! $48 when the stock is trading at $28!

    IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY FROM HERE ON OUT THE STOCKS YOU BUY MUST HAVE TAKEOUT POSSIBILITIES! Screening for Co's with high cash flow and low stock prices in the right fields should be the profitable way to go.

    If you have good M&A ideas drop them in this thread and we will see how many we can hit.

    RIGHT NOW I'm looking at BUCKLe's huge miss on earnings and probably big puke today! BKE is a PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHAT PRIVATE EQUITY LOOKS FOR... I'll be looking at that open and for research VALUECLICK is the type of co that wets the lips of buyers their growth has been lackluster over the past few years but they are in the right field - Internet advertising. The company has a lot of cash and zero debt.

    SI M&A ideas-

    - BUCKLE

    - VCLK

    These are two that come to my mind initially and happen to be on a S&P list that I have finangled my way. As well my hope has always been for Nike to take out Under Armour but that's more of a wish than any good analysis- it just makes sense. ~stoney
  2. Brocade has been getting frisky this may be the next name to go.

    nother big mover in extended trading ahead of the Labor Day weekend was Brocade Communications(BRCD), which was up 1.6% to $5.70 on volume of 183,876. The stock was heavily traded in Friday's regular session with 18.4 million shares changing hands, much higher than its trailing three-month daily average of 11.5 million.

    Although Brocade is down about 27% so far in 2010, the shares have rallied of late, advancing in six straight sessions to go from a finish at $4.76 on August 26 to Friday's regular close at $5.61, a rise of 18%. At least some of the buying seems to have been spurred on by speculation the maker of data storage equipment could end up in play following the bidding war for competitor 3PAR(PAR).

    >>>>> BRCD is an idea for a buyout!

    >>>>> I heard ZYMO got bought today and I was soooooo happy until I realized I OWN a lot of ZIOP not ZYMO!..... Darn.

    >>>>> Some folks believe VRSN is in play and could fetch upwards of $37 per share in a buyout. ~ stoney
  3. good thread man, some interesting ideas...

    do you ever follow price action after the acquisition? It seems to me that after the after the acquisition the investment bank comes in and runs a buy or sell algorithym on the acquired stock and works it up or down to a specific price...