Cash for Refrigerators'

Discussion in 'Economics' started by killthesunshine, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Stupid notion. America needs JOBS... decent ones... getting a C-note or 2 for swapping an appliance ain't nothing but political grandstanding BS.. :(
  2. nows your chance to trade in that ugly white for one of those fancy shiny silver double wides with big handles :D
  3. You talking about a fridge with French doors or a trailer home? :D
  4. America's greatness was in not building the refrigerator, but making the next generation of refrigerator. Sadly that edict of innovation and ingenuity has been lost in recent history. But I agree with Scataphagos, this is political paying for votes garbage.
  5. Actually it WAS. Economic power in the world has always been held by countries who "made things and sold them to the world". Innovation is worth a lot to only a very few. Manufacturing is where the REAL middle class financial clout comes from. Used to be us... not any more.
  6. Notice how all these "cash for" thing type programs are for things made of lots of metal that weigh 100s of pounds? You know why this is? The Chinese do not want to be paid in worthless dollars anymore so they are quietly demanding to be paid in steel, aluminum, ect. The government is now giving americans the worthless dollars to buy your old metal refrigerators, cars, ect so they can ship that stuff off to china.
  7. I was wondering what steriods is WHR on..

    its the same darn.. Cash for trash... isnt it just 50 to $200 or so... How is this going to do wonders. AUTOs was one thing... this is rubbish.. but that being said, I have successfully shorted WHr on several occassions.. this time I will stay a bit far for it... will go in for the kill. when 6-7 days let for front month expiration..