Cash For Clunkers: Now that was a well run Government Program

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  1. How about, a Cash for Euthanasia program.

    what ever these dipshits touch Fails.

    Good news for us. Kind of funny, the left controls the house,senate and presidency.... And Can't Get Anything Passed.

    Just goes to show the value of diversity.

  2. Blaming high consumer demand for a popular program on the government? The program had always been first come first serve with a budgeted $1 billion. There is a good chance it could be extended.

    What one should be worry about is the possibility of fraud with the rebate program where dealers, buyers or officials could falsify records to defraud the tax payers.

  3. Huh? Can't blame this administration?

    Who came up with this ill-conceived program?

    From my guess, millions and millions have been spent by private dealerships to promote this Give-A-Away... are they going to get reimbursed for their investment because these imbeciles didn't think this through?

    Furthermore, have you considered the "Higher Demand for a popular program that consumers" would put upon a "Free Health Care System".

    leftist logic, gotta love to hate it, kill it, bury it
  4. Thats it. Keep that spin going.
  5. Funny how you didn't seem to have a problem when GEORGE BUSH "loaned" $17.4 BILLION to GM and Chrysler (with no strings attached) as recently as last December even though they were going BK anyway.

    And yet you can't keep from pissing all over yourself in your absurdly twisted "logic" when H.R. 2751 creates a huge backlog and is successful.

    So much hypocrisy by the ET neo-cons.

  6. Bush Offers Chrysler, GM $17.4 Billion Bailout—With Strings

    LOL. FloydLandis and his laughable posts entertain me everytime. It is hard to find someone who is more consistantly in left-field than good old FloydLandis.

    FloydLandis please explain how the abject failure that is the Cash For Clunkers program is George Bush's fault.
  7. If Bush were starting his second term instead of finishing it he would have let them go BK.

    Bush was a statesman. He did the loan on behalf of Obama and for respect of the new President.

    The smooth turnover of power is America's greatest strengths. Bush did his part.
  8. I would tend to agree.
    But it does not address my point.

    Where were all of the fiscally conservative and free-market ET'rs when Bush gave out $17.4 BILLION to GM and Chrysler?

    Answer: Nowhere to be found.
  9. Leave it to Dr. Jerk-Off to actually believe that GM and Chrysler would have been able to return to "viability" within 3 months.

    Given their cash burn rate, that's so freakin' LAUGHABLE, I don't even know where to begin. It's clear that you have no idea what you are doing. For your sake, I hope you aren't trading OP's money. They might not be real happy when they finally see you as the fraud that you really are!

    What a total FOOL you are.
    Your undying man-love for Bush is ridiculous.
    Makes you look like a complete TOOL. :D
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