Cash Flow Heaven?

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  1. OK, I promise I'm not spamming for this guy, but someone asked me to check out Peter Schultz who apparently runs a service called Cash Flow Heaven.

    He sends out a daily market letter to people who get on his mailing list. It is actually very good. Of course, it also touts the recent winners, and in fairness some losers, from his picks.

    From what I have seen, his picks are all simple long call or put stock substitution type trades. I'm not very fond of that kind of strategy, but he claims a good record. what a surprise, right?

    Anyway, any info would be appreciated.
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    Simple statistics says he's a scam artist. How many legit newsletters are there out there? 1 in 50? 1 in 100?

    Since there are so many of these newsletters I figure it has to be a pretty profitable business. I've actually considered starting one myself, just for the hell of it. All you need is some photoshop skills, and a bunch of randomly selected trades, which gives ~50% wins. Enough to keep cash flowing from the pocket of the average joe for a while....then when he figures it all out, you already made a nice sum.
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    That site has been around for years, but I thought they mostly did credit spreads?

    Who knows what the long-term results are. As far as I know, there are no third-party sites that specialize in tracking performance for options services. There are services and sites like that for stock market timers (Hulbert, timertrac, etc.) and automated forex and futures systems. But with options, I guess you have to trust the vendors' stated track records (unless Collective2 tracks some?).

    Here's another options service that appeared to be pretty honest but had a bad run last year and quit putting up their performance:
  4. I can't really say what the site does. All I have seen is the market letter he sends out which usually mentions a couple of trades.
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    They have their 2011 performance: -37%
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    Is this the guy that refers to himself as "Peter the Great" and dresses up his baloney with even more pseudo religious propaganda? no ego there at all.

    I actually had a trial with them in late '08/early'09, it was nothing short of hilarious (i have a weird sense of humour) like watching a drunken fat man stumble in the dark after a good xmas lunch.

    "oh...this looks like it will go up, it has to go up,..., in this environment there's nothing wrong with just buying the call..."
    He did that for like 3months, glad i didn't follow the leader, (like Jamestown.)
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    never ever ever let Cash Flow Heaven get a hold of you email, enough said.
  9. Their page about how other companies inflate their statistics is pretty cool.
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