Casey Anthony: Murderer Or Victim?

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    Read the entire article to realize why the jury wouldn't convict her.

    This column was going to be a simple “I told you so” piece. Having read the coverage of the recently-released depositions of psychiatrist Jeffrey Danziger, M.D. and psychologist William Weitz, Ph.D. regarding their official psychiatric evaluations of Casey Anthony, I was planning to remind everyone that in my book “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony,” I had arrived at the same theory that Dr. Danziger alludes to: A girl who is sexually abused from age 8 can respond to very traumatic events, including even her daughter’s death, by burying her pain, getting a tattoo and going out to dance. Danziger put it this way, “Her demeanor, the best way to say it, is she was calm, cooperative and pleasant as if we were discussing someone who had a parking ticket . . . . It was very puzzling. I’ve never seen anything to this degree...” Contiinued
  2. I didn't see the evidence so I don't know. But his opinion rings hollow because despite using the word "victim" seven times, Ablow didn't even once refer to Caylee as a victim... and Caylee's really the only one we know for certain is a victim. And even if everything in this article is true, Caylee's still by far the biggest victim and justice has not in any way been served. This clown only used Caylee to defend Casey, who he's painted as the victim.
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    But, if the shrinks are right and Casey was molested by her father since she was 8 and it is possible George did something with Caylee and was the murderer even if by accident.
    I don't know. It just seems they were convinced of the sexual molestation by George and therefore possibly he is the guilty one. He did try to commit suicide.

    Regardless, the whole family probably should be in jail for complicity. One of them did it and the others helped covered it up.
  4. Well, one thing that is clear in an uncertain world is that Ricter doesn't know his ass from his elbow. :p
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    But what makes me angry is that the body was just down the street and the police couldn't even find it when they were told where it was. By the time that Laural and Hardy police force got the body the evidence was gone.

    Same with that little girl in Boulder, CO several years ago. The stupid Boulder police department just totally did her an injustice with their incompetence.
  6. Those police officers must have been the Ricters of their departments :p
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    Boulder is a haven for liberals. I thought about moving there at one time because it is a very pretty place but I couldn't take the people there for very long. It was like a hippie compound with a lot of transients.
  8. Danziger put it this way, “Her demeanor, the best way to say it, is she was calm, cooperative and pleasant as if we were discussing someone who had a parking ticket . . . . It was very puzzling.


    We have preconcieved notions of how people should react (or respond) in various situations.

    Well, If everyone you met was from the planet of child abuse, you'd soon realize that for everyone on that planet, the reaction is normal (hence the parking ticket ananlogy).

    Casey is probably psychologically dead.(unable to bond with her child,adults etc misc attachment disorders) and everyone is surprised at her reation. Yes we should be, The events were horrendous for someone her age to cope with.

    Now where is the justice? There ain't any, but.....can we give Casey her life back , what is left of it?
  9. It would seem that if someone was guilty of murder, their demeanor would be nervous, anxious and uncooperative.

    Like this woman.

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    or this woman
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    Lol, just saw this. I haven't even been in this thread! I got to you. Lol, I got to you!
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