Casey Anthony and reasonable doubt

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    I've gotta say...this defense team for her is good. They've answered almost every question one could have about this case in the opening statement. I cant wait to see how they explain the chloroform found in the trunk though. That reasonable doubt window is getting alot bigger though.

    Even if she doesnt get convicted of murder, she will still be going to jail for a long time for lying to police in the course of an investigation, child neglect and negligent homicide.

    I'm guessing that no matter what she will get 15 years and likely have to pay back all the money it cost the state to go looking for her kid which could be in the millions of dollars.

    Either way...she is still screwed.
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    You don't put duct tape over the mouth of a drowning victim either. The jury will see right through this fabrication.

    She'll get life.
  3. They are claiming the meter reader tampered with the body. Apparently he had called the police 3 times to report a "suspicious" garbage bag and when the police never investigated he showed up to the spot and said "I found her!"

    And the Jury is not there to "see through her", they are there to find out if there is reasonable doubt. She doesnt have to prove her innocence as she is innocent until proven guilty without a reasonable doubt. Defense only has to put that doubt out there and she walks away from the murder charge.. She will still likely spend alot of time in jail, but I doubt she will get life.
  4. Facts don't matter in these highly publicized trials. Does anyone remember OJ?
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    She's toast! She threw her Dad under the bus, tried to borrow a shovel from a neighbor she never borrowed anything from before, her computer had searches "how to strangle, how to make chloroform, etc., The list goes on. She needs to sit in a cell for the rest of her days. What a sick girl!

    Btw, who the hell is paying for this girl's defense team? Whomever it is should be shot!
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    Along with the miserable bitch they're defending.
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    Yes, it's pretty sick. I closed my office door this afternoon, and turned on HLN out of curiosity I guess.

    I worked my way through College as a Police Officer, and dealt with a case where a woman put her 6month old Son in a trash bag alive, and threw him in the trash to suffocate.:mad:

    When the 911 call came in from the people who found the bag, I was the first officer on the scene, and will NEVER, EVER forget his eyes that were still open.

    The "Mommy" who did this was very similar to this sick little skank Casey Anthony; Wanted to party all the time, and didn't want the "burden" of taking care of her Son, so she did what she did.

    She's doing life without parole now, and I pray she ponders on what she did every day as the cell door slams shut. It still affects me, and that happened almost 16 years ago...:(

    Guess I couldn't be on a jury as I am "biased" even though I do have a pretty open mind, and don't believe everyone on trial is guilty. In fact, I'm not really a "cop friendly" kind of guy these days. I have two Friends that are close to retiring, and that's about it. The young cops out there, I have no clue what World they came from...

    I do believe this little skank is guilty of 1st degree murder after learning of what was found on HER computer, borrowing the shovel from a neighbor she has never borrowed ANYTHING from before, and other mitigating circumstances.

    In Biblical times, an eye for an eye would be her fate, and that would mean she would have been stoned to death for what she did. Now she has a "dream team" of high priced lawyers throwing up smoke and mirrors to try to confuse a jury. I'd LOVE to know what scumbags are paying for her scum lawyers! Certainly not her Parents as she threw them under the bus. A 1st degree murder case like this takes a minimum retainer of $50,000-$100,000 from the "average" attorney. Her attorneys are on the expensive side, so I'm guessing they needed a minimum 250k retainer, and will be close to seven figures by the end of the trial. Makes me wonder who opened their pocketbook for this one...
  8. What does that shovel have to do with anything...the body was not buried, it was wrapped in a trash bag and basically thrown on the side of the road. Nobody ever saw Casey mistreat her kid, yell at her, not feed her. There is just something that doesnt add up.

    The girl is definately not normal and a pathological liar. She doesnt lie to just save her ass, but she lies just to lie. She told her friend once for no reason that she worked at universal studios, but never did. People need to understand she is not normal, but people seem to be ok that because she is a liar, she is "probably" guilty of murder.

    To not want to give someone their day in court is unamerican. Everyone deserves a trial. If you dont think so, then maybe you should move to a country like North Korea where there is no fair trial, they will just believe what they want to believe and not look at evidence presented in an orderly manner.
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    Me the jury member: "hmmm. Why would she borrow a shovel from someone she's never borrowed anything from before?" Buried body or not, a shovel is for people wanting to dig holes. I don't think she was planning on taking up gardening any time soon...

    And as for HER computer, there is no "how to make chloroform, how to bury a body" kind of searches on mine. There was on HERS though...

    We'll see what happens in the next few weeks I'd guess. She's toast imo. The whole thing is really wierd, without question though. FAR from a "typical" 1st degree murder case....
  10. I thought that neighbor said she borrowed the shovel 3 times this morning. I was only half watching the case, but maybe it was only once.

    Is she guilty? Likely, in one way or another, but I still believe in the american way of innocent until proven guilty. There have been many many times when someone was put away for things like murder and rape even when there was eyewitnesses and then 15 years later, they get cleared when the DNA comes back.

    This is a death penatly trail, remember. If she gets found guilty, she is dead. I would definately want to see every piece of evidence before I decide that person is going to die or not.
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