Case study - breakthrough - why it happened there?

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  1. exnergy



    I am curious of your opinions about the situation ilustrated in screenshot below.

    Why at the third time there was a breakthrough.. see image for detailed description

  2. I go BLIND with all those indicators
  3. exnergy


    in a top pane just look at price candles, the dinapoli's moving averages or SAR are just by accident on this screenshot ;)

    Yellow areas for better visualisation of these 3 cases ;)

    Look from the other angle : by "woodies CCI glasses"

  4. Zlatko


    Because the stockholders wanted to sell more stock than buyers were willing to buy at that price.
  5. exnergy


    hehmm, well actually these charts show futures contracts, in theory you are technically right - but there is one thing - why then and not during prior moves?
  6. Tums


    ...because the common denominators you are looking for are not common denominators.
  7. You covered up the significant leading indicator of price.

    If you post a chart that is uncluttered with commentary, then the chart can be annotated by someone else to eliminate your difficulties once and for all.
  8. exnergy


    ok so here is w/o any indicators :


    so far I am not satisfied with your answers ;)
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    Rawfist - is this some kind of spam???
    because I cant see anything related to my posts
  10. Symmetry breaking in herding behavior
    "Asymmetric aggregation of animals under panic conditions has been observed in many species, including humans, mice, and ants. Theoretical models have demonstrated symmetry breaking similar to observations in empirical studies. For example when panicked individuals confined to a room with two equal and equidistant exits, a majority will favor one exit while the minority will favor the other."
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