Case of Fat Tire For An Edge

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by gnome, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. gnome


    Convince me you've "got an edge", and I'll send you a case of Fat Tire.

    REAL edge is when Bernanke talks to Paulson who gives "the wink" to Da Boyz at Goldman Sachs.

    The "search for edge" by ET'ers is like Ponce De Leon's search for the fountain of youth.
  2. others will send 10 million plus for an edge.

    gotta up your ante.

  3. gnome


    A REAL edge is probably worth it. What ET'ers think of as edge is bupkis.

  4. agree, for most, your right.

  5. Gnome. Do you have an edge? What is the quality that separates you from losing traders?
  6. OK, here is one, its a freebie and its widely known. The Fama-French Value-Growth factor model works to this day. However, its volatility is much greater these days - read: larger drawdowns.

    However, for most ETizens, I wouldn't trust them with plastic cutlery let alone this sheah...
  7. pbj


    When I read the thread title, I thought that he was saying that he drinks a case of Fat Tire before he starts trading and that is his edge.
  8. gnome


    I have no edge. Years ago I did... arbing the European/Asian mutual funds after moves in the US while other markets were closed.

    I don't know for sure what makes for losing traders... but I suspect is has to do with too much leverage, not enough discipline, and an approach which is too complicated to be executed consistently.

    I tried drinking copious amounts... it didn't help, though it felt like it should have.
  9. You work there, right?

    Anybody work for Widmer?
  10. gnome


    Nope. Just a consumer of their fine product. (New Belgium Brewery, Ft. Collins, Colorado)
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