Case for BULL market - China

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    World's largest building opens in China.

    Yes, shopping mall !!!

    Chinese will ask their citizens to spend money at home instead of buying property around the world over internet. Buying adds no value to anyone as they buying already built structures. Except gets off the hook some overleveraged westerner who will not spend 1c extra in another 25 years.

    However, if consumption in china there is LOTS of new structures, toys etc that will have to be made.

    I believe we are carving bottom in china stock market and you know what that means for aud, gold, resources etc, etc
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    no responses, means I hit the nail :)

    metals moved 1 leg up since first post.

    large negativity, which bodes well for shortcovering rally.

    apart from that I think USD will have to be printed, tapering or no tapering, if chinese decide to stimulate their economy with printing.

    Kind of reversed roles. Still evsaluating this logic....

    I can just wet dream what will this do to metals. Already ordered 4 boxes of most expensive champagne that will pop on every new high in metals.

    EDIT: I will order more if I run out.
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    today will pop 2 bottles of champagne !

    Surely deserved :cool:

    Will worry about next high in metals after sober.
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    copper up again. hope it comes back as do not intend to destroy my liver.

    I did notice tons of bears that expect another dip before they decide to buy. Hhehehehehe. It will not come back my friends :)

    Yes, gold copper, whatever will go UP without you. And YOU will be buying new highs or TOP!!!

    And I will be drunk at the time. Hope will remember to sell.
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    massive shortcovering by copper shorts as seen by OI.

    not sure whether that is good, though. I was hoping for more resistance.

    3.5 is TL resistance. worth keeping eye on.

    market seem unable to keep direction and not good trading environment.
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    oil stocks will appreciate sharply and without retracements in coming months 50+%.

    buy Monday open, stop 1 week ATR
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    all my stock positions survived and in green.

    Now sit & relax and do not put targets in my head.
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    did not plan to expose my trade, but here it is.

    Added a bit on dip. pl got bit better. I have finally seen today net + for the year !!!

    was 8 months in red, although < 1 risk at all times. This is how it is if one looks for large wins only.

    I am expecting number of up weeks without interruption for oil stocks.
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    great china data & potential for oil shortages is large due to potential war & business friendly aus governemt voted in.

    I am fully positioned for resources, especially aus oil companies, to go up!

    several other buy signals pending.
  10. China has a lot of things going for them. The whole China will bust is just American wishful thinking in my opinion.

    And this is not China VS US or anything like that.

    All of this is Debt VS No Debt.

    Any country not saddled with debt has a brighter future than the one saddled.

    Now the topic of what kind of debt, brought to by whom, by what kind of system, that's a whole other topic.
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