Cascade Investment LLC holdings ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. ICOS Corporation
    Seattle Genetics
    Canadian National Railway
    Otter Tail Power
    republic services inc
    six flags
    pan am silver
    berkshire hathaway
    Fisher Communications
    grupo televisa
    nextel partners
    four seasons

    Pain Therapeutics ?

    Alaska Air Group ?

    Liberty Satellite & Technology ?

    Schnitzer Steel Industries ?

    avista corp ?

    Cox Communications ?

    wisconsin central transport corp ?

    public service co of new mexico ?

    castle and cook ?

    newport news shipbuilding ?

    lynch interactive ?

    chapparal resources ?

    gamco investors ?
  2. looks like COX went private ...

  3. mahras2


    Isn't that Bill Gates fund?
  4. yes ... its GATES money ... I am trying to see how its done over the years compared to Bershire H
    and compared to the traders on ET

    (lets just say I am looking for other ways in the future to diversify and hold Equitys longer term besides
    ETF's and mutual funds and thought maybe one can piggyback the Cascade holdings on pullbacks if its beating the SP500 ) ?