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  1. evanluke


    Hi Everyone
    just want some honest opinions from anyone who has ever been a member of this room. I have read Carters book- Mastering the trade- which I love, and was considering joining the room.

    any thoughts - and please only respond from your experiances .

    thank you
  2. 99%+ of these don't work. If it did, it is probably worth hundreds of thousands to millions, so why is the vendor selling it for a few dollars a month? The question you have to ask yourself, "Do You Feel Lucky?" This is not meant to be a joke.
  3. Why would you even consider the advice from the losers on ET? Try it out for a couple of months and see if you like it, but don't seek counsel from fools.

    Just saying
  4. Because of collective wisdom, also called group wisdom and co-intelligence. Sometimes a crowd, even of fools, can be smarter than the wisdom of one very smart individual.

    Say no more.
  5. joe4422


    I did it for months and was really dissapointed, mainly because I lost money taking their trades. Even following the newsletters, you'll lose money.

    They used to sell alot of systems as well, but those failed.

    Everyone loves the book, everyone loves the videos, he's told people exactly what they wanted to hear.

    The truth is, everything you've learned is worth about a big pile of shit.

    If it was worth more, he would be very rich, and he would be trading his own money. Wouldn't you be?
  6. I read his book (interesting but nothing that will make you a successful trader), attended several online webinars and subscribed to his newsletter for a while. However, I have never been in his trading room.

    His methods never worked well for me. I did like his volatility breakout system that he calls "The Squeeze" but no longer have the indicator since I stopped using Trade Station.

    However, I believe he is very rich and he does trade his own money in considerable size as seen in this video:
  7. Pekelo


    Including you, since this is also an advice. :)

    Just saying...
  8. I guess this corrects your first 3 posts about how wonderful and good PureSchtick was. Now you are scrounging for another "winner" :D