Carter vs Sugarman Trial Of The Centuary

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  1. As far as court trails go this one takes the cake. It pits two evil men against each other; each a stereotype of what we see every day on Wall Street. In one corner Christopher Carter- beefy and balding, lousy dresser, he is in a Equinox gym, I imagine checking out girls for why else would he be in a very gay " spin " class? For those of you who don't know a " spin " class is not economics or politics it's placing your ball sack upon a hard surface and staying elevated as much as possible and peddling really really fast on a stationary bike without ever getting anywhere. It's a Gerbil-like exercise.

    In the other corner Stuart Sugarman undoubtedly one of the most annoying men on earth. Mr. Sugarman is a " grunter " like a female tennis player who must summon inner strength, Sugarman grunts loudly throughout an exercise and worse he yells out pithy sentences like " you go girl " and " good burn " and " this is great " These are the quotes from the actual court case.

    Now speaking for myself this example of sport pep would not enrage me as much as disgust me but dear old Mr Carter got very mad indeed, talking to the instructor and then hopping off his bike and charging Mr. Sugarman. Carter picked up the front of Sugarman's bike and then dropped it down. The impact of the drop apparently if you believe Sugarman caused chronic back and neck pain. Mr Carter faces up to a year in prison for being a stockbroker slash assaulter.

    Sugraman spent two weeks in the hospital, part of it in intensive care so the beefy Carter must of lifted the bike quite high before dropping it. Or did he? Carter's lawyers see a complaining witness "not to be believed."

    Sugarman who goes by the nickname " Shug " must be one of the most annoying people on the planet much less New York City, the Shug who likes to yell out " Go Girl " in spin class who manages other peoples money... only in The big Apple kiddies, what must Warren Buffet think?

    After being bull rushed and slammed down Shug peddled slowly the rest of the class silently an apparent victory for Carter and the rest of the class. According to the transcript, he was embarrassed in a class mostly of women and wanted to be a "guy" and "muscle it out."
    I would suggest you get off the stationary bike and lift weights in a bench press if you really want to be a guy and muscle it out....

    The five foot eleven 204 pound Shug's case revolves around his mouth and how much we all can take in public vs a hothead meathead not thinking kind of guy that might walk up to your car after a fender bender and do something stupid until you knocked him out.

    It's a classic case of wall street if you think about it, no insider trading or sexual scandal, just two annoying men in a women's exercise class. It also shines a light all you leering losers who pretend to work out in Gyms ( I know I used to be one ) but who really just want to stare at girls.

    The case would seem clear cut: Shug claims Mr Carter Yelled an obscenity and that he just shrugged- yes the Shug Shrugged- and then after more verbal harassment from Carter Shug claims he said " You don't have to be such a baby, if you don't like class there's the door just leave..."

    That reads like a little post event re imagine to me and indeed a witness, A female Dr who was in Spin Class that day testified that after Mr Carter yelled at Mr Sugarman to shut up... Shug said
    " make me. "....

    That reads like an invitation... I am torn on this case, I want to dislike the effeminate Sugarman a grown 202 pound stockbroker in spandex yelling and grunting in an Equinox Spin class.... yet who hasn't run into one of these typical low rung brokers with the allusions in his head that he still plays sports? On a basketball court I have ruined many such a man's night by delivering a series of blows that would eventually get me expelled from the league-- but that's a story for another time.~ stoney