Carter, Clinton, Obama were girly men compared to Reagan, Bush(s), and Trump

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  1. I mean really now. Take a good look at them. Carter, Clinton and Obama look like girly men. Put a wig and dress on them. They make nice little women. Compared to the manly appearance of Reagan, Bush(s), and Trump they look like women. Real men like to vote Republican. Girly men do not.

    Obama with a limp wrist:


    Below is a pic of Bill Clinton hung on the wall in Jeffrey Epstein's home:


    Pic of Jimmy Carter trying to man up and get our hostages out of Iran. (He Failed).

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    Disagree here.

    Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar and Oxford educated. He has a high IQ and everyone in my world prospered while he was President.

    The disconnect, for me, is the idea that somehow Hillary assumed his intellect and talent through.... osmosis.

    Carter was and is an idiot. Obama is a racist and a Marxist POS. Another Trump term will be required to reverse the damage Obama did to the United States.
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    The second pic is an obvious Photoshop deal. Duh. But your first pic is a photoshop deal also.
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    The Clinton picture is real. Jeffrey Epstein had it painted by someone, and it was hanging in one of his houses. Slick Willie is wearing Monica Lewinski's blue dress. And no I am not saying he posed for it.
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    Trump's half way there, he's already wearing a wig.
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  7. Real man . . . . .


    man taking orders. . . .

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  9. Bow down to your president.

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