cars that i owned

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  1. TD80


    In order of acquisition:

    98 Ford Mustang GT (nearly stock) - 50,000 miles seat time
    97 Dodge Viper GTS (basic power upgrades) - 40,000! miles of seat time
    2004 Honda S2000 (nearly stock) - 60,000 miles of seat time
    2007 BMW 335i (modded to hell) - 50,000 miles of seat time
    2006 BMW M Roadster (stock) - 10,000 miles of seat time
    2009 Corvette Z06 (nearly stock) - 38,000 miles of seat time

    It is a terrible habit (I'd say coke and hookers might be cheaper if indulged in only occasionally...), and thankfully I have so far not bought anything super exotic (the most expensive one to maintain is, somewhat surprisingly, the one with the M badge...)

    I keep looking at Ferrari 355 Berlinettas and GTSs (6 speed manual of course, no F1), but I still have a shred of sense left regarding operating costs (the purchase is simply a down payment on this car...), but I believe their values are "reasonable" in terms of depreciation costs now.

    Fastest most insanely capable car on the list (by a country mile too): Z06.

    Most fun to drive (most involving, most adrenaline, most likely to kill you): Gen II Viper.

    Car I don't own, but would likely part with soul and or various body parts for: Ferrari F40
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    Now that's what I'm talking about! Now tell us about your homes!

    You know how to live!
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  3. first Car: 1967 Pontiac Bonneville
    1973 Volkswagen Beetle
    1982 Volvo 240 Wagon
    1972 Volvo P1800ES
    1987 Mercedes Benz 300D

    Now: 1998 GMC 1500 SLE
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  4. TD80


    Nothing wild on the home front here at the moment, just a normal 3 bed / 3 bath here is south orange county (should sell it and buy the F40, and have some operating change left over lol).

    I'd love to get a second place in Europe in a south central location (French/Italian Riviera, Monaco, Switzerland) for easy touring/vacationing purposes, so here is one vote for continued euro problems that bring the exchange rate under par :D

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  5. had that car (300e), loved that damn thing! BUT, if you're going to own something like that you have to know how to work on it. its just not worth paying for endless repairs..

    i feel like old school benz driving not the different than current.
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    I really like my Jeep Wrangler, it fits me to a tee. But the mileage sucks so this is likely my next car.

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  7. That top of the line Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland is a real head turner. Great interior as well...but crappy gas mileage like just about all SUV's.
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  8. Brass


    I'm sure we were all proud of our first cars, whatever they may have been. But you have to admit that the '40s pretty much had the ugliest cars in automobile history. That is one butt ugly car.

    Cars from the '30s had a cool vintage look. The fin cars of the '50s and early '60s looked foolishly silly in retrospect, but they weren't specifically ugly in the main. The '40s, however, are best forgotten. :D

    My first car was a 1972 Toyota Celica, the first year they came out. Bought it in 1976 after finishing high school with money saved from summer jobs.
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    Capitalism? You sorry SOB!
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  10. '72 MG Midget


    '85 Fiero 6-cyl


    '76 Bug, Fuel Injected


    Probably should have kept all those clunkers. I think they are worth more than I paid for them, now...
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