Cars' Profit Margin...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gnome, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. According to a story on Autospies this weekend.... average profit across the line

    Porche $28,000-ish
    Toyota, 2,000
    BMW 2,000
    VW 430

    I was going to post a quote, but the story has been pulled (posted what I could remember-ish from memory... others were listed, but not American brands)

    I guess there was "too much information"... especially on the amount of profit Porsche makes. Best profit margin is Cayenne S, least for Porsche... Boxter

    Looks like Porsche Badge Whores pay the most for bragging rights...
  2. I believe these are the profits the manufacturer makes when selling to the dealers. What you're talking about is a "whole 'nother hose".
  3. I've heard that American SUV's are in the range of $5,000-$15,000 profit for loaded models.... which of course is why they never scaled back making them despite poor MPG.

  4. Not to defend "porche", but it is a premiere sports car company. It does drive better than Toyota or other value brands however, one needs to be a car enthusiast to appreciate it. Also, most sane people buy Porsches used to knock off 70% of price. Example: Porsche Cayenne Turbo (around 450 - 500hp plus excellent handling and breaking) is around 100K. The same one 4 years later in excellent condition can be had for 30K thus 70% off original price.
    You can get used super SUV or a brand new bland Toyota, the choice is yours. As for repairs. I have a very good mechanics who are experts in their fields and always charge me less than a dealer would (toyota or Porsche), so no worries there.

    I guess it could be compared to those who constantly build better rigs with intel this and ATI that, swapping hard drives, mother boards and re building their computers. Both hobbies are expensive and unnecessary. To each its own. Some people need the fastest computer with 16 monitors to feel fulfilled, some need Porsche Cayennes. As for attention whores??? We all want it to a certian degree, and achieve it through different means. Yours is computers, his is a trophy wife, and others go for Cayenne. Go figure.